UPDATE 2021: freeze frame fiction has just come back from hiatus, and we are working on getting everything back together to make this project happen. Further updates coming soon.

Maniacal Anthology is a new project by the makers of freeze frame fiction. It’ll be weird, it’ll be funny, and it’ll be more than a little messed up. Send us your twisted humor, your funny horror, or anything else you think will disturb and amuse us. Clever humor also welcome.

which should be out soon in print.
Submissions via Submittable
Double-spaced fiction subs up to 3000 words
Reprints ok // Sim-subs ok // Multi subs (up to 3 separate) ok
RIGHTS: Archival + one year non-exclusive digital & print
PAY: $2 per piece + contributor ebook copy

D. Laserbeam, Editor-in-Chief
+ a rotating collection of staff readers

For more about freeze frame fiction, visit freezeframefiction.com.
Find us & log your submissions on Duotrope
and The (Submission) Grinder.

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