VOLUME 1, coming soon

Table of Contents:
WTF by Martin Hill Ortiz •
• Temping at the Pearly Gates by D Nulleman •
• Captain Invincible by Stewart C Baker •
Tough Crowd by Holly Schofield •
Learning New Partridges by Rae Kennedy •
My Beloved Monster by Ian Watson •
Eliminate Toxins and Increase Bloodflow by Ruby Cowling •
Death and Taxes by Kat Otis •
• The Sweet Life by Aidan Doyle •
The Secret To Being Attractive by Holly Atwood •
Green-Queen Wins the Internet by Barry King •
The Suicidal Dog by Georgene Smith Goodin •
• Ajua! means Yee-ha! in Spanish by Fernando Meisenhalter •
• Hieroglyphic by Nina Ficenec •
• I Have No Couch, and I Must Dream by Aidan Doyle •
Chronicles of Gnomea by DJ Tyrer •
• Dead Man’s Shoe by Rob Hill •
The Twelve Doctrines of Dali Albobik for Citizens of Cobblestone Manor by L.B. Thomas •
• The Old Boy Story by A. Riding •